Unlock the value of your Data Assets

StackTome is a customer data platform that enables you:

  • Customer Segmentation

    Perform advanced and custom customer segmentation model based on purchase and website activity

  • Marketing automation

    Orchestrate campaigns on one platform across email, sms, all push notifications, social media and search

  • Purchase recovery

    Run cart & browse abandonment campaigns across all channels

  • Unified Datawarehouse

    Push unified marketing performance data to your data warehouse

  • Semantic Optimization

    Boost organic traffic by extracting user generated content across consumer review sites and inject semantically relevant user generated content across 1000s of pages on your site

  • Product Recommendations

    Generate Personalised Product recommendations across all your landing and product pages to lift conversion rates across all visitor segments

  • Customer Clickstream Collection

    Real-time clickstream (web analytics pushed to your data warehouse)

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"We're entering a new world in which data may be more important than software."Tim O'Reilly

How Can StackTome Help You?

How Can StackTome Help You?

Retain Your Customer

Customer Data Platform (CDP) for your retention marketing crm teams, let’s you create segments and orchestrate campaigns to those segments across marketing channels

Access Your Business Analytics Data

Data pipeline data integration solution saving your Datawarehouse (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) team 1000s of hours pushing all essential marketing cost and performance data, cleansed, transformed and standardized across channels into your BI/DWH stack.

Own Your Web Analytics Data

Powerful clickstream data collector/web analytics solution for your data science, business analyst teams. Warehouse your own data, easily with a turnkey solution.

Leverage User Generated Content

Invaluable on-page content Optimization tool for your SEO team, injecting contextually relevant user generated content across 1000s of your webpages.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

Conversion optimisation tool for your merchandising and marketing teams, recommending user specific products across your product and landing pages (based on user journey analytics)


Unified Datawarehouse

Have access to your data at anytime and use it for business data analytics or custom apps. Data is made available via Google BigQuery.

Data Ownership

Real-time clickstream data

Track all activity on your website and review it as it happens

  • Predefined schema allows to collect all standard ecommerce events
  • Ability to extend the schema with custom data points relevant to the business
  • Full data granularity down to a single visitor
  • Conduct your own A/B testing and measure results

Apps driven by data

Create automated customers segments by:

  • Product Recommendations
  • Browse Abandon Recovery
  • Cart Abandon Recovery
  • Customer Segmentation/Retention
  • Internal Page Ranking
  • Review Content Optimization
  • Your Custom Apps

Data source integrations

We support the following integrations to make it easier accessing your data:

Sales data

shopify sales data integration
woocommerce sales data integration
bigcommerce sales data integration
amazon S3 sales data integration
google storage sales data integration
CSV sales data integration

Real-time clickstream data

snoplow real time clickstream data

Advertisement data

Adwords advertisement data integration
Bing advertisement data integration
Facebook ads advertisement data integration
Adroll advertisement data integration
Awin advertisement data integration

Customer review data

trustpilot reviews data integration
feefo reviews data integration

SEO data

google webmasters seo data integration
STAT seo data integration
web crawler data integration

Email Service Provider data

mailchimp email data integration
dotmailer email data integration


Custom reporting by any BI tool (Looker, Tableu, Metabase, Redash) that supports BigQuery as data source. Use data to analyze businesses performance and make decisions:

  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Marketing channel attribution
  • Segment and cohort reporting
  • Sales revenue forecast