How to manage reviews for your online business

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Review management for e-commerce

Do reviews matter for e-commerce? Today there is little doubt that customer reviews make a difference when it comes to making a buying decision in online shopping. We can even calculate the impact of reviews on the bottom line of the business. Now, if you decide to use reviews, we can say there are two main stages: 1st a business … Read More

How To Setup An Online Business In The UK With Stripe & Paypal (Launchese)

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StackTome and Launchese Partnership We would like to introduce our new partner Launchese. They provide a full suite of services for companies looking to do business in UK. StackTome together with Launchese will exchange know-how, useful content, and solutions that can serve more customers that are based in UK and focus on e-commerce. Can you incorporate ecommerce business in UK … Read More

How to configure review display on a website

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We have written in the past about review use cases. Now to be able to leverage customer reviews on your website it’s mandatory to have them added one way or another. Let’s take a look at the easiest to the most complex option of enabling review display on any website. Using a plugin  The simplest way to start exposing reviews … Read More

An investigation into the relationship between Customer Reviews and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

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How analysis was done We analyzed 4 million customer transactions of an online retailer, and an associated 400,000 customer reviews (and associated scores on a scale of  1-5) of those transactions to ascertain whether there is a relationship between purchase behavior in the future (Customer Lifetime Value) and the customer review scores. We define Customer Lifetime Value as the monetary … Read More

How to Use Customer Reviews: Review Use Cases & Best Practices for SEO & CRO

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Customer reviews use cases

Modern businesses need to “run on all cylinders” online. That usually entails maintaining social profiles, building a website, and other activities. It also entails managing customer reviews. Not only does that mean responding to reviews and striving to receive positive reviews, it also means using those reviews on websites to improve conversion rates and enhance SEO. In this article, we’ll … Read More

All You Need to Know About Google Ads Customer Match

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Google Ads Customer Match is one of the most accurate targeting options available to digital advertisers. If you have a list of customer or follower info, you can upload it and target those people with ads or use it to expand to similar audiences. Wordstream and other trusted sources report that conversion rates are usually quite high for campaigns using … Read More

A guide to data warehousing clickstream data

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Why clickstream is so important to your online business Clickstream data allows seeing what actions customers are taking on your website. Given how commerce is shifting more and more online, this data is becoming essential for your business to stay competitive. Before defining what kind of data is this, let’s take a look at the main reasons why a business … Read More