Unlock the value of your Customer Reviews

StackTome is a data platform that enables you:

  • On Page Reviews

    Boost organic traffic by injecting semantically relevant review content across 1000s of pages on your site.

  • Intelligent Review Picker

    Go beyond ratings to find best reviews using sentiment scores and A/B tests for displaying on your website.

  • Unified Review Data

    Access content from review sites like Google, Trustpilot, Feefo, Reviews.io and social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Linked to collect all user generated content.

  • Feedback Assistant

    Respond to positive reviews with predefined messages tailored to different customer groups and send negative reviews to customer support in a timely manner.

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“Increasing positive customer feedback and meeting conventional financial objectives are becoming one and the same goal.”Rob Markey, Fred Reichheld & Andreas Dullweber, @harvardbiz

How Can StackTome Help You?

How Can StackTome Help You?

Improve SEO

Invaluable on-page content Optimization tool for your SEO team, injecting new content on daily basis and improving search rankings for all pages.

Lift Conversion Rates

All reviews displayed on your website are optimized to maximize page conversion rates by constantly testing against each other. Read more on Customer review use cases here

Preserve Business Reputation

Our feedback assistant will ensure that all customers feel appreciated by responding to their reviews. This way ensuring your brand reputation is always high.

Full data ownership

All data that’s being ingested and collected is exportable to your cloud data warehouse of choice. Giving you unlimited reporting capability, creating your own functionality on top of customer data and making sure your Customers Privacy is preserved.


Data Ownership

Feedback Assistant

Monitor and Respond to customer feedback

  • Instant auto responding to positive feedback
  • Negative feedback integration with Customer Support

Content API

Leverage user generated content:

  • Display Matched Service / Product Reviews
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Review Sentiment Scoring

Unified Datawarehouse

All data used in our product is exportable to any cloud datawarehouse Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift or Snowflake

Data source integrations

We support the following integrations to make it easier accessing your data:

Customer review data

trustpilot reviews data integration
feefo reviews data integration
trustpilot reviews data integration
trustpilot reviews data integration

Real-time clickstream data

snoplow real time clickstream data

Sales data

shopify sales data integration
woocommerce sales data integration
bigcommerce sales data integration
amazon S3 sales data integration
google storage sales data integration
CSV sales data integration

SEO data

google webmasters seo data integration
STAT seo data integration
web crawler data integration


Custom reporting by any BI tool (Looker, Tableu, Metabase, Redash) that supports BigQuery / Redshift / Snowflake as data source. Use data to analyze businesses performance and make decisions:

  • Sales funnel analysis
  • Marketing channel attribution
  • Segment and cohort reporting
  • Sales revenue forecast