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How Can StackTome Help You?

How Can StackTome Help You?

Improve SEO

Invaluable on-page content Optimization tool for your SEO team, injecting new content on daily basis and improving search rankings for all pages.

Analyze Review Metrics

We provide review metrics like Review Rating, Count and Sentiment score in convenient dashboard. Also you can do advanced analytics after connecting sales data like Review Rating and CLV analysis, see more details here.

Preserve Business Reputation

Our product notifies when any review requires customer support attention in a timely manner.

Leverage Social Proof

Best reviews picked by our Machine Learning algorithm can be utilized as content on any social platform.


Review Publisher

Respond and Share customer feedback

  • Reply directly to customers from customer ticket
  • Automatically publish reviews via Hootsuite

Content API / Content Widget

Leverage user generated content:

  • Display Matched Service / Product Reviews
  • Filtering by Rating, Keywords and Geo data
  • Sorting by Review Sentiment and Recency

Analytics Dashboard

Metric charts with full Review data history

Data source integrations

We support the following integrations to make it easier accessing your data:

Customer review data

All major review platforms

Review publishing

shopify sales data integration
woocommerce sales data integration

Sales data

shopify sales data integration
woocommerce sales data integration
bigcommerce sales data integration
bigcommerce sales data integration
google storage sales data integration
amazon S3 sales data integration
google storage sales data integration
CSV sales data integration


Custom reporting by any BI tool (Looker, Tableu, Metabase, Redash) that supports BigQuery / Redshift / Snowflake as data source. Use data to analyze businesses performance and make decisions:

  • Review rating relation to CLV
  • Segment and cohort reporting
  • Sales revenue forecast
Head of Customer Support - Saves time Without StackTome we couldn't reply to Feefo reviews. Now we can manage all incoming reviews through Zendesk, even if it comes from Feefo, Trustpilot and Google which saves us time and allows us to quickly respond to any negative feedback, identify reoccurring issues, and so on. ☺One centralized platform in which you are able to handle, monitor, and delegate all incoming reviews. Works as a native app within Zendesk. Provides comprehensive information about reviewers that allows us to make a better informed decision when communicating with customers. ☹So far I don't have any problems with the tool, I only wish we had it sooner!
Verified Reviewer
Social Media Manager - Easy Social Sharing! I'm really pleased with the app which makes my life easier for managing social review posts. ☺It was quite easy to get started with social sharing of reviews as Stacktome customer support helped me every step of the way. I like that I can automate scheduling reviews on both Facebook and Twitter. ☹Currently, I cannot attach images to review posts directly from the app. I really hope they'll add this feature later.
Yulia S.
StackTome services We use StackTome to serve unique on page reviews on our store through their API, which makes over a million requests per day with very little impact on total page load speed. We also receive all the cleaned review data that gives us the ability to do custom reports and dashboards for customer experience analytics. ☺Allows to own all the review data no vendor lockin. Very fast API that doesn't slow down our page load speed. On page SEO benefits from serving unique reviews by keywords and geo data. Pulls reviews from many review sources, that allows us to use Feefo and Trustpilot at the same time. Provides useful integrations with customer support and social platforms. ☹Doesn't support review invites. Even though it's easy to get started, StackTome does have a learning curve to utilize its capabilities to the fullest, but they do have helpful customer support.
Martin J.

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